Changeling Wolves

Are you a werewolf fan? Do you get shivers of delight when the moon is full?  My shapeshifter series centers around the Macleod family, four brothers and two sisters.  Long-lived and able to become wolves at will, their kind call themselves Changelings.  Centuries ago, they were forced to flee the wolf exterminations in Scotland and start a new life in the wilderness of northern Canada.

Today, that wilderness has been largely settled, and an entire community has sprung up around the Changelings.  The Macleods and their pack live as humans most of the time, hiding in plain sight.  They have jobs and pay bills and go to school and mow the grass and do all the things that humans do.  But don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re tame….  There are sacred places in the hills, and wolves rule the forests at night.

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