Frequently Asked Questions

There are quite a few questions that I get asked a lot!  So I’ll be adding to the list as time goes on.

QUESTION – Will there be another Changeling book?

ANSWER – Yes! Those Macleods have no intention of letting me forget about them! I’ve been tied up with contractual obligations, but when that’s done, my plans are to to turn my attention back to the Macleod family of werewolves, starting with well-known smart-ass, Culley.  The book is titled “Changeling Shadow” and right now it’s about half-done. I’ll be publishing it myself.

QUESTION – When will there be more stories in the Dark Wolf series?

ANSWER – The short answer is, I don’t know.

In the world of traditional publishing, a series that gets off to a slow start is often dropped. This can happen after just one book. To the publisher, it’s a simple case of dollars and cents. To the reader who’s become emotionally invested in a story, it’s like a bad break-up. To the author — me, in this case! — it’s deeply disappointing (I admit it, I cried). It also presents me with a difficult situation. I care about my readers, and my First Bite characters certainly have more stories to tell.

My first consideration, however, is the contractual obligations I have to my publisher. I always have the option of self-pubbing more books in the Dark Wolf series, but I have other books that simply MUST be written first in order to fulfill my contracts.

My second consideration is that writing is my career – it’s how I support myself (and my pugs). It’s an economic reality for every author that some books simply do better than others, and readers have been slower to embrace First Bite. So, after satisfying my publisher, I need to move forward with fresh ideas and brand new stories, while continuing the series that are the most popular with my readers. Like the Grim Series and the Changeling Series.

Do I want to finish Book 2 of the Dark Wolf series? Definitely! I love these characters and they’re unlikely to let me forget them. It’s only the “when” that I don’t have an answer for. Yet.

QUESTION – Why are the first three Changeling stories so expensive to buy as ebooks?

ANSWER – I’m a reader too, and I understand cost concerns. I don’t know the reasoning behind the pricing. What I do know is that traditionally-published authors do not have any control over the eventual retail price of their books. The publisher sets the price. For the first three Changeling books, that’s Kensington Publishing Corp.

UPDATE – FEBRUARY 2015 – Check out your favorite online book seller for ebooks of the Changeling series at their NEW LOWER PRICE! (Or follow the purchase links on my website page for each book).