Stories of Grims and Faeries


The transition from writing about werewolves to writing about Celtic faeries was much easier than you might guess. I had a Welsh grandmother whom I adored. She was a brave and tough little gal, full of fun, who immigrated to Canada all by herself at the tender age of 19!

The rest of my family roots are Irish and Scottish, with some English sprinkled in.

composite picture with purebred  italian mastiff in a white background
The Grim is a Fae herald of death!

So you can bet that I grew up on an abundance of stories about the Fair Folk, the Fae, the Sidhe, the Tylwyth Teg and more!

Some of the characters were beautiful, many were scary, and all were dangerous. Perhaps it’s only natural that I should be a teller of faery tales now – but these ones are definitely for grown-ups!

My new Grim Series is based on one of my favorite fae legends:  The Grim is also known as the Black Dog, and his role is to act as a herald of death and misfortune. But how did he get that job? And what if he doesn’t want it?

See my pages for Storm Warrior, Storm Bound, and the newest release, Storm Warned



Click here and Meet VINCENT, an honorary Grim!


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