Early works are being pirated

Don’t be fooled! These are not new stories by Dani Harper — they are early works that later grew up to be much more. As more and more pirated copies of these stories pop up on the web, I felt I should warn my readers by creating this page.

My early works of fiction provided me with a wealth of material for future novels!

HEART OF THE WINTER WOLF was my VERY FIRST published work of fiction. After its contract with New Concepts expired, the story of James and Jillian was purchased by Kensington Publishing Corp. They helped me tidy it up into CHANGELING DREAM, and set it in its rightful place among my shapeshifter series.

A LEAP OF KNOWING was my initial exploration of my favorite UK legend: the Black Dog, or Grim. It was published as an ebook novella by Cobblestone Press. As often happens in my writing life, the characters refused to go quietly into that “good night” after my contract ended. Instead, they insisted that I write a full-length version, STORM WARRIOR – and then the world continued to grow as the Grim Series!

THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT began its life as a short novella, and was published as an ebook by Cobblestone Press in their “12 Days of Christmas” event. The story’s ghostly characters protested immediately that they were far from finished, and literally haunted me for years. Finally I gave in and rewrote their story as a full-length novel of the same name — THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT — and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

  • If you see ebooks of A Leap of Knowing or Heart of the Winter Wolf being sold ANYWHERE, please know that they are PIRATED COPIES. Same goes with The Holiday Spirit with the above cover.
  • Note that a few paperbacks of Heart of the Winter Wolf are still floating around — and some have even been printed illegally — but please don’t buy this book thinking you’re getting a new story. It’s really just an earlier version of CHANGLING DREAM.
  • Also if you see The Holiday Spirit in its new full-length form (see cover picture below) being offered for sale or for free on any site but Amazon, it is a PIRATED COPY.
This is the only legal source of The Holiday Spirit Purchase on Amazon